NGO Utopia sells e-books which everybody can enjoy. The sales will be used for international cooporation.

~Keep Their Smile ~

About Developing Country

Developing country About children If you buy e-book
Developing coutry is the coutries who are developing on field of industries, economical,medical,education and so on. Though many coutries support them, they still have a lot of problem to solove. They still need more help. There are so many children who can not live until 5 years old. They die for the measles, diarrhea and so on. We send medecine and foods to save them. The sales of e-books will be used for medecine and foods. The measles vaccine for 50c(US), The polio vaccine for 25c(US), Mineral foods for 60c(US). Only little money save children's life.